Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekly Quiz

Q The medical term for it is Cutis anserina, and it occurs due to the pilomotor reflex . essentially a disturbance of the arrectores pilorum muscles. The common term for this condition has also served as the title for a 62 - book horror series, written by an American author from 1992 to 1997. What term?

Q Laugh-O-Gram was the name of a company which was co-founded by a very famous name in the world of entertainment. This company folded up soon after and the co-founder went on to much bigger things . Name the person ?

Q Sometime in the 1930s, a professor of Anglo-Saxon at the Oxford university, in order to support his wife and four children, took on the work of marking school certificate exams and working as an external examiner for other universities. One day while grading papers, he stumbled across a page in an answer-book that a student had left blank, and for some inexplicable reason, wrote on it: "In a hole in the ground there lived a ______". This gave birth to one of the great novels of our time. Fill up the blank and tell me who the professor was.

Q Before tying up with Suzuki, the Indian Govt. talked seriously to another auto giant in connection with creating Maruti who later refused, presumably because they didn't think that the Indian market was big enough.. Which manufacturer is this?

Q As the U.S. president boards any Air Force airplane, the plane assumes the radio call sign "Air Force One." At other times, the call sign reverts back to the plane's tail number. What was the only time that the radio call sign changed from "Air Force One" back to its tail number while the plane was in flight and why?

Q What famous shoe company gets its name from traditional fried southern cornballs which were used to quieten barking dogs ?

Q This term was used at the London Stock Exchange in the 18th century for brokers who went "broke". Later it was used for congressional candidates in the US, who lost the November elections, but constituionally could stay on in power till March, and hence used this time to irresponsibly vote for perks etc for themselves.
HINT : Was used for Manmohan Singh too

Q What is so special about the clock in Center Court at Wimbledon ?

Q He was born in Titilagarh in Orissa and majored in Physics and Electronics in Baroda. He then did his masters in electrical engg. from IIT, Chicago and later co-founded Wescom Switching Inc.
He went on to become famous in India in the 1980s in a different role. Who is he?

Q This person discontinued his graduation in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University in 1966 due to family pressures. In September 2000, he completed two major term papers to pick up the credits required for graduation. Who?


anirudh said...


anirudh said...


abhi mahipal said...

2. walt disney
4. fiat
6. puma
9. sam pitroda(NKC)

Illuminati said...

1.goose bumps
2.walt disney
3.hobbit, jrr tolken
6.hush puppies
8.only digital rolex in the world
9. sam patroda
10.azim premji

(dude i only knew 8 and 10)

Manu Abbi said...

These are the answers :
1.Goose Bumps
2.Walt Disney
3.Hobbit, JRR Tolken
4.Volkswagen (it isnt FIAT)
5.Nixon , was impeached mid-air
6.Hush Puppies
8.Only Digital Rolex in the world
9.Sam Pitroda
10.Azim Premji

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