Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekly Quiz

Q What is the name of the pattern that results when a stock price reaches its peak and declines , rises above the former peak and again declines ; and rises a third time but not to the second peak and again declines ?

Q The English version of Wikipedia hosted its 3 millionth article on Monday marking a landmark day for the website . What was the article about ?

Q During the spring of 1995 , Scientists at the Digital Equipment Corporation's Research Lab in Palo Alto , CA devised a way to store every word of every page on the entire internet in a fast searchable index . This led to the formation of what

Q In 1946 , two italian brothers named Ambrogio and Egidio started which company which is currently known by their surname ?

Q What did Andreas Bectoshiem , William Joy , Vinod Khosla and Scott McNealy setup in 1982 for the purpose of selling low cost desktop computers running the Unix operating system ?

Q Which investment theory states that 'no matter how high a price one person paid for something , there is always someone else willing to pay even more' ?

Q Microsoft scrapped its original slogan and used the slogan 'Yes you can' for Windows XP ? What was the original slogan and why was it scrapped ?

Q When they studied at Stanford University , their computers were known as 'Akebono' and 'Konishiki' (both legendary Sumo wrestlers) because of their unique talents . They later went on to start one of the most famous websites ? Who are they ?


ashish aggarwal said...

1) symmetrical triangle
2)about a norweign woman called Blate Marie Erikson
5) sun microsystems
7)the slogan was 'prepare to fly' and it was changed after the attack on world trade centre on 9/11
8)david filo and jerry yang founders of yahoo

ashish aggarwal said...
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