Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekly Quiz

Q is a website devoted to reviews, information, and news of movies. The name derives from the historical cliché of throwing Y and other produce at stage performers if a performance was particularly bad. Its owned by Newscorp. Which site?
A RottenTomatoes

Q This one time Sheriff of Calcutta (1961) served on the Boards of SBI & ICICI. He also served as the President of the Bridge Federation of India & The All India Lawn Tennis Association. He authored two books - ' Indira Gandhi : Reminiscences' and ' Partners in Progress - Collection of Selected Speeches and Writings ' ?
A KK Birla

Q This greatly pleasing or entertaining web service was started by Joshua Scachter in 2003.Having more than 5 million users its primary use is in storing,sharing and discovering bookmarks on the internet.Identify.

Q Bristol, London and Southampton were declared to be the ' fittest cities ' in the UK, by the fitness magazine - Men's Health. Incidentally, the European online auction site TeleBid, found that the residents of these cities bought more copies of 'X' than other cities. The charm of X, cut across all demographic profiles, so much that its manufacturer found it difficult to keep up with the demand. Identify X ?
A Nintendo Wii

Q X has written two autobiographies. I Am Not Y (1977) was the first. X's stated intention was merely to remind the public at large that Y and X were not one and the same. His second autobiography was entitled I Am Y (1995), meant to communicate that he finally realized that his years of portraying the Y character had led to a much greater identification between the fictional character Y and him . Identify X and Y
A X = Leonard Nemoy , Y = Spock

Q This is a chain of seafood restaurants inspired by a film. Launched in 1996 by Viacom Consumer Products and the Rusty Pelican Company, this became the first theme restaurant inspired by a film.There are now twenty locations, all located in the United States and Asia.Name the movie and the restaurant chain.
A Movie = Forrest Gump , Restaurant = Bubba Gubba Shrimp Company

Q Connect Chief, Burger, Doctor, Bhola, Shankar .
A Code Names used by terrorists who hijacked IC-814

Q Ancient Roman shepherds used a kind of pointed stick to drive their cattle. The reaction of the animals to the stick was as expected, i.e. to avoid coming in contact with it. What was that stick called? It is now a common English word.
A Stimulus

Q This business has its origins in 1900 when Dewan Bahadur AM _________ Chettiar established a money-lending and banking business in Burma(now Myanmar) , which then spread to Malaysia, Srilanka, Indonesia and Vietnam. The group had to strategically move its assets back to India and restart from scratch in 1930s , before the Japanese invasion in WWII. Presently it has interests in engineering, abrasives, sanitryware, fertilizers, finance , bioproducts and plantations. Name the business group in question
A Muruguppa Group

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