Monday, February 22, 2010


This is a parody remix made in early 2009 which became a huge hit on Youtube garnering more than 4 million views . X is the person speaking at the start of the audio , this part was taken from a rant made X in 2008 , it also consists of clips of Y's exchange with a supporter of George Bush in 2006 creating an impression that X is arguing with Y . Identify X , Y and the song . The name of the song is a homonym to a 2 word phrase which was very much in the news in 2009 (It is also related to X's name).

Cracked by Sateendra , X = Christian Bale , Y = Barbara Streisand , Song = Bale Out! , the homonymous word was bailout.


Sateendra Dey said...
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Sateendra Dey said...

Bale Out by Lucian Pane.
X - Christian Bale. Y - Barbra Streisand.

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