Wednesday, March 10, 2010


X is an initiative by Y which uses IT to create a market in favor of Indian farmers . It helps in creating more transparency for farmers and alleviates rural isolation. It is estimated that this service will soon reach about One Crore farmers and 1 lac villages . The name X is derived from the combination of something commonly used in IT and a place very common in almost all villages.Y on the other hand is a massive Indian company with a turnover in excess of $ 4.5 billion which has a history of corporate philanthropy. identify X and Y.

Answered correctly by Shrey , Sateendra and guessthelogo

Answer :
e-Chaupal by ITC


Shrey said...

eChoupal by ITC said...

e-Chaupal by ITC

Sateendra Dey said...

e-Chaupal by ITC

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