Thursday, December 17, 2009

which community? Sitter..

Population concentrated in rainforest regions. Outlying clans have been detected on each continent and in subarctic, swampland and mountainous regions.
Smooth skin is iridescent, cyan color. Long, prehensile tail. Skull is proportionately small, high cheekbones, feline ears and a protruding, snout. Bioluminescent markings for identification, mood display. Average lifespan is similar to that of a human. Despite skin color, red blood.
Feeding Ecology
Omnivore. Hunter and gatherer with incipient agriculture, including brewing.
Average male is three meters tall, females slightly smaller.
Generally peaceful, but ferocious in defense of home, clan and family.

Ans: Na'vi from Avataar.


Mrinalini said...

Na'vi (from Avatar)

Shuleo said...

Na'vi, the native numanoid tribe in the movie Avatar

Manu said...

Na'vi from Avatar ?

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