Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life bacaho

Identify X. For the definition of the question in terms of maths, X is a function. So you put something in X it gives out something else. For the answer of the question X is something more tangible.
X(B) = A in the same way as X(D) = C and X(F) = E. X is something related with G. At some point of time it was also something to do with H. It changes to something all together different once a while and surely would once more near the end of (allegedly) our time.






The answer is Allianz Arena.
It turns blue when 1860 Munich play (The Lions.), turns Red when Bayern Munich play (FC Hollywood) and white when the German National Team plays in it. Allianz in India is represented through Bajaj Allianz and the name of the stadium changes to Fifa World Cup Stadium during the FIFA world cup. It name is Football-Arena Munich for UEFA matches. It will host the 2012 UEFA Champions League final.
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Isn't what you say a tiger, a Lion?

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