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gyan ki dhara!!!!!!!!!!sawaal hamare jawaab Abhishek & Roerich.

ThThis football club was always stuck by its policy of no sponsor by logo on their jersey. There was a great furore when the Nike “swoosh” was added as they were the kit manufacturers. After a lot of hue and cry, it was accepted, but save it there is no commercial/ sponsorship sign on their jersey, which is unique to the football world. Name the club.

· What was so special about Bobby Pearce winning the Single Sculls gold at the 1928 Olympics?

· Name this Canada born rock singer who is also a talented photographer so much that his photo of Queen Victoria was on the postage stamp of Canada.

· Which company’s name when translated reads “a service used by hotels”?

· Who fought Muhammad Ali in the famous “Thrilla in Manila” in 1975?

· X was born at King George hospital, Victoria Street, Lucknow in 1940 to Rodger Oscar, a steward and Dorothy Marie Webb. He was christened on 2nd November the same year at St. Thomas Church, Dehradoon. Both parents were Anglo Indians. A year layer his family moved to Calcutta. In 1947, they moved to Britain. Identify X.

· Born in Pietermaritzburg, X, a bachelor in commerce joined Standard’s bank as a business banker in 2004. He was chosen to go to the Barcelona Olympics as part of the South African hockey team. He was called for trials in ’96 Olympics, but was ruled out due to a hamstring injury. X also played for the Irish cricket team, first class cricket for Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, KwaZuluNatal and Natal. He is a born-again Christian. Identify.

· Born in Motihari, Bihar, he is a noted author and one of his unknown books include “Coming up for air”. Though there are more popular ones as well.

· The headlines in England one day read “the Gods are crying”. The next day in another part of the world the headlines were “they are just cleaning up the mess”. This was in reference to the incessant rain that day but symbolically it referred to some important transition. The year was 1999. What?

· The music band deep purple came up with a song as a tribute to an Indian. Name this famous Indian.
· In March 2008, Mark Zuckerberg, at the age of 23 became the youngest self made billionaire to find his name in the Forbes billionaire list. He is the founder of which popular enterprise?

· In November 2007, paying $319 billion, the Saudi prince Al Wahid bin Talal became the world’s first buyer of what?

· He was the last male player from the UK to have reached the Singes finals in the Wimbledon. He was one of the earliest to discard the traditional flannels for shorts, a move that made him a heart throb. Identify.

· Who upon hearing of Jimi Hendrix’s death is rumoured to have remarked “Goddamn it. He beat me to it!” Not by much it turns out, as this person died barely 3 weeks later, overdosing on heroin.

· This term was coined by Indian sociologist M.N. Srinivas in a 1955 paper titled “The Social System of a Mysore village”. He used it to refer to the political influence a patron had over his client. The anthropologist F.G. Bailey popularisad its use to caste politics, but it has now come to describe the politics of other community characteristics like religion, language and economic status. What term?

· He has translated Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “Clandestine in Chile” into bangla, is said to be able to quote from memory 500 songs of Tagore, lives in a two bedroom flat in South Kolkata with his librarian wife and daughter, doesn’t have a cell phone, and is addicted to cigarettes. He is usually clad in white dhoti and kurta. Who?

· It is supposed to be the most common place name in the world. Two of the more well known such places are the capital city of a central American country, and the 10th largest city in the US. Name it.

· In economies, the word is used to indicate a hypothetical “any product”. In computing, it denotes software components for web services, mini applications and user interfaces. What?

· Gunter’s chain is a measuring device used for accurate land survey by triangulation. It consists of a chain formed of 100 long wire links, with brass tags along the chain for intermediate measurement. One of its lasting legacies is as a very well known length. Of what?

· It is a clause in a life insurance or accident policy whereby the company agrees to pay twice the face value of the contract in cases of accidental death. As only a small percentage of deaths in the US are declared accidental, such clauses are usually relatively cheap and often aggressively marketed, especially to people over 45. What is the clause called?

· Who gave the music for Delhi heights?

· Who originally sung the famous “aaj jaane ki zidd na karo”?

· The movie “Kanchenjunga” featured the sound of the Dargeeling Himalayan bird Peking Robbin. Actually it wasn’t the original voice of the bird but a whistle blow perfected by Satyajit Ray. Later one X who was well versed with identifying the bird sounds saw the movie but could not tell whether it was original or not. Who?

· The music for the song “na jaane koi” in the movie Gangster has visibly been taken from a cult Bangla rock band of the ‘60s. The song was composed in 1975. Who’s the original composer who is said to have pioneered the initial rock cult in India?

· Gulzar’s first recognised lyrics for a song sequence “mora gora rang lai le” were for Bandini. His earlier lyrics precisely ten in number were considered by him as poems. Who is this song picturized on?

· This actor while working in a movie as a terrorist also was directing a movie. This happened in a span of a fortnight. This actor is D.U. graduate and college topper. Name him.

· This Tamil actor has also sung playback for Hindi cinema.he acts in tamil movies and has portrayed mostly a police officer-a record of highest no. Of police roles in tamil cinema and second highest in hindi cinema after jagdish raj. Name him

· In the song sequences of omkara,”dham dham dhadam dhadiya re” which martial art is being displayed?

· Which photographer well known for his documentations.”kumbh” etc. Died in the 80’s . the also photographed for movies of the day.

· This freelance photographer has never missed a hall in any of the Indian matches in the world cup till now.

· Which movie was the first to show a coloured song sequence in a black and white movie?

· The song ‘bang bang bang’ is based on what?

· Which poetess and short story writer featured in the shyam benegal movie junoon starring shashi kapoor and naseeruddin shah?

· Which actress acted child stars won Miss india and was chairperson on children’s movie board?

· Who played Lawrence of Arabia in the movie of the same name?

· Alfred Hitchcock made a movie twice in his lifetime. Which movie?

· The movie eyes wide shut starring Nicole kidman is based on which short story?

· Carl sagan featured in what?

· Who was the first person to play and sing the character of devdas?


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