Monday, February 2, 2009


1.In  April 1942, United States bombers secretly launched from the aircraft carrier Hornet bombed Tokyo in a daring raid led by Colonel "Jimmy" Doolittle. Since Tokyo was far out of range of any American bomber base at the time, there was intense speculation as to where the bombers had come from. President Roosevelt facetiously told a press conference that the bombers had flown from __________. In line with this pleasantry, one of the aircraft carriers used in the Pacific ocean was subsequently named USS ______________.

2._____________was the name of the program under which the United States of America supplied the United Kingdom, the Soviet UnionChinaFrance and other Allied nations with vast amounts of war material between 1941 and 1945 in return for, in the case of Britain, military bases in NewfoundlandBermuda, and the British West Indies .Some historians consider it an attempt to bolster Britain and the other allies as a buffer to forestall American involvement in the war against Nazi Germany.

3.Y is named after a 17th century Indian painter. X wanted Y to be terrifying, so the screenwriters added elements of Aztec and Hawaiian human sacrificers, and European devil worship to the character. To create his headdress, make-up artist Tom Smith based the skull on a cow, and used a latex shrunken head.Identify both X and Y.


Manasvi said...

1. USS Hornet(Doolittle raid)
2. ?? 3.??
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its ..........QUIZAGORA

KK said...

It should be Shangri-La and then in they named the aircraft carrier as USS Shangri La

KK said...

The answer to 2nd question should be "Destroyers for Bases" agreement

KK said...
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KK said...

The answer to 3rd question:
Y is Mola ram
and Y is George Lucas

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