Saturday, January 23, 2010

Auto Expo

A+B+C+D = E
Give me E and D. E isn't really the same thing as any of A, B, C, D but can be described as something that took place between the father of a Graeco/Mathematical dwarf and the residents of greenhouse. Not exactly greenhouse but its synonym. Actually, we all know that it isn't a greenhouse because its not green. So what we should actually call it, is the synonym. The title leads you on.


Nearly cracked by Anurag. D is Lanchester which along with Jaguar (C) , Land Rover (B) and Daimler (A) (Not the German one but the Brit one) were the 4 marques sold to Tata by Ford. So E is Tata (Father of Graeco/Mathematical Dwarf = Nano) and Ford (Its headquarters is called Glass House) deal.
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Anurag said...

D= Lanchester

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