Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This one is my favourite. And its a damn easy question. :D

A+B+C = A+(X+B+C)-X
X & D are nearly inseparable. Identify X and (A+B+C).


B is generic and D isn't about the person.
Hint for A = Not one of the main characters. Look into Book 3-7.
Hint for D = That's a royal fellow, ship is on what he returns, to his home atop the towering two ring like mountains, the abode of the lord. If that makes sense to you.
Answer: Chang, Poole & Schmidt
A = Cho Chang
B = Swimming Pool
C = Eric Schmidt (CEO Google)
X = Denny Crane
D = Howard Shore
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Kaushik said...

b - beijing aquatics

c- google doodle on India's republic day

d - howard shore

x- david cronerberg

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