Sunday, February 1, 2009

emosional atyachaar

1.In literature and drama, the term __________ has come to mean an ordinary individual, with whom the audience or reader is supposed to be able to identify easily, and who is often placed in extraordinary circumstances. The name derives from a 15th century English morality play by the same name. The medieval __________ was devoid of definite marks of individuality to create a universality in the moral message of the play, the contemporary storyteller may use an _____________ for a moral or, to some ways of thinking, immoral purposes.

 2.Some of his extra-ordinary inventions are:

Miracurall - A drug capsule that cures any ailment except common cold, the name is a short form of Miracle Cure for All Ailments.

Annihillin - A pistol capable of annihilating (vanishing or vaporizing) anything that is living.... invented because he does not like bloodshed It does not work on non living things .

Omniscope - A combination of telescope and microscope, which looks like and can be worn as spectacles.

Air-conditioning pill - A capsule to be kept in shirt pocket, that keeps the body temperature normal in extremes of climate.

Somnolin - A sleeping pill that will work in any condition.

Evolutin - A drug that makes people evolve 10 thousand years in 5 minutes.

Compudium - Short for Computerized Medium, a device to contact departed souls.

Remembrane- A device that makes people remember the things he forgot.

Robu - A robot built with very cheap materials, programmed to answer any question asked to it.

Linguagraph - A device that translates any earth language to any other. The translation capability is supposed to include animal languages, and works on cats, plants, ants and even viruses too. However, it does not work to translate speech of aliens.

Pill for Nightmare - Causes sleep and makes the taker have terrible nightmares.

Who is this scientist extraordinaire

3.This term was coined by the American critic Harold Rosenberg in 1952 and signaled a major shift in the aesthetic perspective of New York School painters and critics. According to Rosenberg the canvas was "an arena in which to act". A product of the post-World War II artistic resurgence of expressionism  in America and more specifically New York City. It developed in an era where quantum mechanics and psychoanalysis were beginning to flourish and were changing peoples perception of the physical and psychological world; and civilization’s understanding of the world through heightened self-consciousness and this genre of paining





Debasish said...

1. Everyman
2. Professor Shonku
3. Action Painting

shashank said...

@ debasish
all correct

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